This website is designed to be a resource for residents.

Every resident should have a copy of the By Laws and Declaration of Convenants,

but if you don't please contact the Board through the Contact tab.  We will be glad to get you one.

The Information tab has links to pages regarding rules, regulations, requirements, etc. 

We ask all residents to be Good Neighbors - if you see a neighbor doing something that is against the rules, please politely bring to their attention the problem, asking them to contact the Board if it is against the guidelines.  You can also advise the Board through the Contact tab above that you have seen something that doesn't fit the guidelines. If we work together, we will all benefit.

Please do not try to contact the Board through any Facebook page.  

The Board does not have an active Facebook page.  There are several group pages for residents which are great sources of information - Silver Creek HOA, Silver Creek Families and Old Silo Hill

For updated information on Old Silo Golf Course, please go to News.  Last updated 9/30/2018

The SCA website has been updated and will be the source of announcements and information. Due to the expense of individual mailings, the SCA has discontinued most mailings, and encourages residents to periodically check the SCA website for information.

Please remember that ALL construction plans must be submitted to the SCA Board for approval 30 days before construction begins. ALL construction requests must meet the SCA architectural guidelines. Details of size, location, materials used, etc. must be submitted along with the plans. See the SCA website or your SCA handbook for a full summary of all restrictions.

Since the cost of a new fountain as well as legal fees paid  as a result of our lawsuit against Old Silo were not in the previous budget, the SCA has had to redeem one of our CDs. Thus, in budgeting for 2018-2019, Silver Creek Association will need to increase our Annual Dues by a $50. Annual dues will now be $250.00.

SCA Board Members

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The SCA Welcomes New Board Member Applications! 
The SCA needs more participation and input from our Silver Creek community! The SCA Board position requires your ability to attend monthly Board meetings and your participation in handling the business affairs of the SCA. Please provide a brief resume and state the area of expertise that you feel can benefit the SCA. Please submit your resume through the SCA website or by mail to: 
PO Box 314
Mt. Sterling, Ky. 40353


​Fishing is ONLY ALLOWED on posted "Fishing Days" and only residents and guests accompanied by residents are allowed to fish on the property.  A fishing license is required.

Also - NO swimming or watercraft​ is allowed in the lakes

If you see someone fishing who appears to be a non-resident please call the State Police Fish and Wildlife at 1-800-25Alert - or 1-800-252-5378 and they will dispatch someone to investigate. Usually a non-resident will have a vehicle close by - on the road, etc.  If you are a resident and get questioned, just know your address so they can confirm you are a resident. If non-residents are stopped a few times, they will probably stop fishing here.

It is important to take any stray fishing line home with you.   There has been a serious issue with the mowing company finding fishing line wrapped around their mowing deck.  This is an expense to us that can be avoided.  Please tell any fishermen in your family to be mindful of this.

Claude Bentley,  Dennis Fouch Lynn Romano, Tom Watts


Silver Creek Association