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There are currently 2 styles of mailboxes that are used in the Silver Creek Development.  Mailboxes are to be installed by the original builder of the homes; however the care,  maintenance, and replacement of these mailboxes is the responsibility of the homeowner(s).  Below will be information on ordering new mailboxes as well as replacements parts and care/maintenance instructions. 


There have been some issues noted with the Ash trees along Greenfield Trail recently, with several of them appearing to be dying.  It is possible that the trees may have been infested with the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle that has caused serious problems to Ash trees across Kentucky.  These infestations, if that is what is occurring, are difficult to treat and the treatment may take up to 10 years, or at least until the State infestation stops.  It is the recommendation of the Board that as these Ash trees die off or are removed, that they are replaced by the recommended tree. 

It is the responsibility of the homeowners to maintain and replace these trees as needed and as such please do not replace these Ash trees with other Ash trees. If any resident has a question about this please let the Board know.  

Article XI (page 20 of the SCA By-Laws and Declaration of Covenants)

The Board of Directors shall have the authority and standing, on behalf of the Association, to enforce in courts of jurisdiction decisions established in Sections 1 and 2 of Article XI.

No construction, which term shall include within its definition staking, clearing, excavation, grading, and other site work, erection, modification, or alteration of ANY structure (includes your home, fence or wall) and no plantings or removal of plants, trees and shrubs shall take place except in strict compliance with this Article, until the requirements thereof have been fully met, and until  APPROVAL has been obtained.

ALL changes must be submitted in writing to the SCA Board of Directors for approval. Detailed plans and specifications are required and must meet the Design Guidelines as stated in the SCA handbook. Complete details are available on page 20 of the Silver Creek Association by-laws and Covenants Handbook.

Mailbox Style #1

Arrowhead Trail East and West
Twin Lake Drive
Hunter Trail
Greenfield Trail
Clear Brook Court
N. Deepwood Court
S. Deepwood Court

Mailbox Style #2

Clubhouse Lane
Silver Lake Drive
Old Silo View Court

Street Tree Requirements

Old Silo Hill Drive- Green Vase Zelkova
Silver Lake Drive- Red Pin Oak
Greenfield Trail- Sugar Maple
Stone Trace Drive- Sunset Maple
Campbell Way- Green Pat More Ash
Arrowhead Trail- Red Maple
Deepwood Court- Honey Locust
Clubhouse Lane- Red Sunset maple
Hunter Trail- Red Sunset Maple
Twin Lake Drive- Red Sunset Maple

Mailbox Maintenance Information

Inspect your unit once a year and re-paint as necessary.  Spraying a little WD-40 on the mailbox door hinges may help slow down the rusting process in that area. But because the units are out in the elements with mail carriers pulling on the door almost daily, the hinges will wear out eventually and the mailbox will need to be replaced at that time.